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Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes

Levi and you had been dating a little over a year now and you had eventually moved in with him. You were currently sitting on his lap sipping some tea while he had his head on you left shoulder fiddling with you hair. You both were watching the sunset. He had moved office not to long ago and the view was stunning.

He kissed your neck and you blushed slightly. He was always surprising you and he always loved your reactions, he wasn’t really the serious and cold-hearted Corporal everybody thought he was, in reality he was much worse; a perverted, sadistic and loving dwarf. You chuckled slightly at the thought. This made him cock an eyebrow up and his grip on your waist tightened.

”What’s so funny?”

He asked a little intrigued at whatever made you laugh, he loved to hear your laugh for which lead him to comply for whatever you wanted him to do, it was simple curiosity that made him ask you. You turned your head slightly watching him fiddle with this one strand of hair. You smiled at the scene, he looked so cute. Of course you wouldn’t tell him that, he would pout at you and turn a cold shoulder at you, which made him seem even cuter and childish.


You chanted turning to see the beautiful view in front of you. He frowned at your answer, did you forget to mention he was extremely jealous? And possessive? He knew you loved him with all your heart but you being sociable and getting along with everyone lead him to take precautions, is not that he didn’t trust you he just didn’t trust everyone else. He would always leave a hickey visible to everyone and would scold you if you ever tried to cover it up.

But the only reason why you did so was because you would often get teased and people would boldly ask if your boyfriend was good in bed. You honestly didn’t mind because the truth is that he was. In the other hand when Rivaille was being teased and asked if you were good in bed he would most likely almost kill whoever asked. You chuckled again making Levi impatient and just a little to curious of what were you thinking.

Your smile grew knowing you had that effect on humanity greatest hero. You also knew that certain hero would get pissed if you didn’t share your thoughts, not really wanting to share them you decided to change the subject.


You asked for his attention and in response he hummed letting you know he was listening to whatever you were to tell him, he expected you to tell him what was it that made you laugh.

”What are you dressing as?”

You asked not really knowing what to talk about.

“What do you mean?”

He answered not really understanding the question, dressing up for what exactly?

”You know for the party”

You said as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world. Captain Erwin was going to set a party to celebrate Halloween for the purpose of getting everyone mind off titan relating subjects well mostly everyone seeing as Hanji would never shut her mouth.

He made a face before burring it on you neck, smelling you sweet vanilla scent. He loved your scent because when he smelled it he knew you were the one who brought it and everything to do with you made him happy. You smiled at his childish behavior.

”I don’t want to go”

He said in total seriousness but his actions made it seem other wise like a child not wanting to go to bed. You put your now empty cup on his desk and set your self free form his death like grip. He pouted at seeing you leave his side. You looked back at him and chuckled. He stood up walking towards you. He was well two inches higher than you. Grabbing softly your shoulders opening his mouth to demand that you tell him what exactly had you chuckling all around. But before he could do anything you pecked his lips and ran from him.

It took some seconds to process what you had just done, you knew he hate you only pecking his lips it was like taunting him and he hated being taunted. He sighed in annoyance this behavior meant that you wanted something form him and you would annoy him until you got whatever you wanted. Sighing he clicked his tongue and went to look for you.

You giggled as you hid behind your room door. You would scare the crap of that little man and then oblige him to come with you to the costume party and if you were lucky he would agree to wear the cat outfit you got him.  You heard footsteps coming, you knew it had to be Levi because the Squad leader had their rooms separated from the normal dorms, so the only two persons who should be coming at this part of the building were you or Levi.

Levi entered the room not really wanting to play your childish games, he also knew he would end complying to your demands.


He called out for you. You fought back a fit of laughter you couldn’t wait to see his face when you popped out of nowhere. He sighed he knew you wouldn’t answer so it was a waste of time calling for you again. So instead he decided to look for you, first he decided to go and inspect the closet for which he only found uniforms and your normal cloths. He then decided to look underneath the bed and found nothing.

He gave up looking for you, knowing you would surely go to the dinning room at six, you never missed dinner and he knew that better than anyone. Pinching the bridge of his nose as how childish your behavior was he walked still unknowingly to your trap.

A Cheshire cat smile formed as your prey was just a step or two from being scared to death. He closed his eyes you took this as your queue to jump from behind the door and tackle him to the ground. You heard him squeal and this made you break into laughter. You buried your face into his shirt to muffle the sound. No use, he was blushing madly and glaring at you.

He was pissed because the next thing you knew you were being pinned down onto the wooden floor. He had a sadistic smirk on his face this made you swallow the remaining laughter. Oh boy… You were screwed but you couldn’t let him know that you were regretting the idea.  No, no, no you would stick to your plan, you knew this was going to happen and things where going according to plan.


You said in a low lustful voice. He was still glaring intensely at you. No one made fun of him and made it out alive… Everyone except you of course.

You would always play him a prank or teas him until he was pissed. You loved to see him react like this. You loved it because it would break that dammed poker face he had and his reaction would always be different that the one before. Sometimes he would attack you and leave so many hickeys that there was this one time were Armin thought you had an abnormal kind of chickenpox. Other times he would try not to talk to you but it never worked and it ended with you having more time teasing him and him devouring your mouth.

It was fun but this time you knew that you wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow not only for what he intended to do to you right now but also because he would send you to run laps right after he finished your first punishment and then he would make you go for another three rounds, if he was feeling merciful of course.

You stared into his eyes waiting for him to do something to you. He just stared at you thinking of a appropriate punishment since having a go all night didn’t quite fit the punishment you deserved. You then saw him grin evilly. You recognized that smile of his and gulped heavily the knot that had formed on your throat. Of all of his reactions this one would be the worst possible, all the confidence that you had fled away leaving you at his will. You really didn’t mind after all you were his since the moment you saw him, as he was yours.

He lowered his face and started sucking you necks earning some moans out of you. He smirked onto your skin and moved place to form another red angry mark. He pinned both your hands above your head with one hand while the other was cupping your face.


You breather out, this was turning you on. He moved down and kept sucking and licking. Oh curse his blessed tongue, you better than no one knew the wonders that dammed tongue could do. His smirk grew as he pulled away your neck. With a devilish look he came back down biting harshly making you squeak in surprise and pain.

“Tsk, tsk, what a naughty cadet”

He whisper huskily onto your right ear. His hand move to grip your hair and tug it rather hard to your side making the exposure of your neck a lot more easier for him.

“What are you gonna do about it?”

You teased him. He growled and started kissing your neck on a really hot way. He went to a agonizing slow pace, you wanted more and for him to pay attention to other part of your body that would reluctantly welcome him. You moaned his name out. You wanted him now. He was just too irresistible to suppress your self. He knew what he was doing to you and still chose to continue his foreplay.


You warned him, he ignored you and kept exploring more of your neck. After a few more seconds you couldn’t take it anymore and wiggled your hands out of his grasp but before you could actually free your self his grip tightened and his pace slowed like if punishing you. You wanted to wrap your legs around his waist to calm down your rapidly increase of want but found this action impossible since he was crushing you with his body.

He lifted you up and this gave you enough liberty to warp your legs and you wrapped your hands on his hair. He found your expecting lips and started eating your mouth inside out, earning more moans out of you. You frowned at his dominance and decided to start a tongue war while he carried you to the bed. By the time you got there he had won and was sucking your tongue. He dropped you to the bed with a soft thud.

Climbing on top of you he pinned you once again and attacked once more your mouth. He reluctantly took your jacket off and detaching himself form you he loosen his neckerchief.

You closed your eyes waiting for him to continue. After about thirty seconds you opened your eyes at the feeling of being tied. Looking a little shocked at the man hovering over you. You smirked he wanted to play dirty. He then lowered his himself and pecked you lips he proceeded to jump of you and the bed. Heading to the door he turned slightly just enough for you to see his smirk.

Your eyes widen and then you heard the door click. You were left wet and surprised. You narrowed your eyes swearing that you would take revenge upon that little sly midget.
:bulletblack: Chapter 2 - Soon :dummy:

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Sorry guys 0////0 I'm just teasing you all LOL :iconpervyregiplz: You may hate meeeeeeeeee~ LOLZ

I regret nothing with this story... :iconmingplz: You were pranked by Levi LOL

Words: 1983
Story - ~regicarbonell
SnK - Not mine
Nop, you are not allowed to use this idea or story in any kind of way :stare:
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