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Chapter 6: Basic Manners

When you had finally finished your transformation fom a girl to looking as a 'guy', Levi had made you clean all the squad leaders rooms, including his. Actually you didn’t really need to do much to his, he was a clean freak after all, and it wasn’t surprising that even dust was afraid of him.  

After you had cleaned properly(According to his criticism) you were made to clean everyone in the Levi Squad boots.  You growled remembering the sadistic tone Levi had used when he gave you more cleaning duties. You were now heading towards Petra’s room to grab her boots.

You knocked on the door a little to hard, still not letting go of your anger. Because seriously! He could have at least been nicer to you since you were in his squad now….


You heard Petra ask in a really sweet and sleepy tone while opening the door. There was a crack on the door and a sleepy eye was looking lazily at who was it that requested attention from her. You heard a loud yawn before her eyes or well the eye you could see widen and all trace of sleepiness disappeared. The door flew open revealing a very flushed and embarrassed superior.

“Y-your majesty!”

She said bowing at your presence. You sighed a little annoyed not because of her but because you were already pissed off from Levi’s little chat.  You really didn’t want to deal with anyone overhearing Petra being all paranoid about your secret.

“Petra… Please just call me (boy name)”

You said forcing a little smile. Her blush spread a little, this made you chuckle. Not waiting for permission you entered her room.

“Calm down, were both human…”

You said while intertwining your left hand with hers. She looked down at your hand, staring for a while, this actually made you quite uncomfortable.


Petra looked back to you and big watery eyes. You looked at her weirdly not understanding her reaction. After this she was looking form your hands to your eyes, this made you frown. Had you done something wrong?


You started awkwardly not really knowing what to see. You finally decided to ask her if she was all right but she beat you to it.

“I-I can’t believe that-that”

You waited expectantly for her to continue. She started to hiccup while she failing tried to call herself down. You came closer to her trying to comfort her and as you did her grip on your hand became harder which cause you let our a little whine. You cursed under your breath while you tried to free your hurting hand form hers.

Your heard her start sobbing. This made you worried, why was she crying!?

“That-that… you…”

After this she continued to hiccup. You were still trying to free yourself. From all the commotion you both didn’t hear someone approaching to shout to whoever was making the scandal, after all you had forgotten to close the door.

In a panic attack you yanked your hand a little to hard, which cause you to fall down making a loud noise as you collided against the hard floor. What you weren’t expecting was Petra to fall with you, she smashed into you and you winced in pain as she did so. Your butt hurt and now you had a heavy Petra on you. Great. Oh, and to top it all of she was straddling you. Great, truly great.

You were praying for Levi not to see you like this, since it seemed that every time something not really good happened to you he is there.

“What the hell”

You hear someone say in a really angry voice. You turned your head to find a boot next to you. You turned to your left and found its pair. You looked up to see whom it belonged to although you had a pretty good idea whom it did.

You gulped before continuing your sight seeing. Right above you stood a very angry Heichou. He had a look that could kill anyone. You were going to die. Dammit, why was it that in every encounter you had with him it had to end on you almost being killed? You had in numerous times sworn that you saw heavens gate. Well at least you weren’t going to hell.

He lowered himself at stared into you (e/c) with a fulminant gaze. You got chills at the intensity of his glare. Petra was just still; she had never seen the Corporal with such a murderous look. Not even when they had somewhat dated, and she had to say he was extremely jealous.

You could make out his expression lines of pure anger. You smiled awkwardly, you had no idea how in the whole of hell would you get out of this.

“Would you mind telling me what the fuck is going on here?”

He asked as he was struggling not to beat the living shit out of you. You opened and closed your mouth, to scare to talk and explain yourself. Not that you had done something wrong, he just glared at you even more intensely.


You stuttered, these made him angrier. He hatted stuttering and you were almost always doing it when he was around. He had not even once looked up to Petra; she was still a bystander at this horribly tense situation.

“You what!”

He shouted at you. He had never shouted at you. His only thought was that you actually were suicidal.  He wanted to kill you here and now, not really caring who the hell watched. You deserved to die for getting on his nerves too often. You were always disobeying him and causing some kind of ruckus.

You pissed him off more than everyone he had ever met in his entire life combined together. But even though you had all these great and humongous faults in his eyes, he liked you because you were different and somehow made the day a little more humorous and bearable.

But right now he just plainly wanted to rip you limb from limb as cruelly as possible.

“This isn’t what you think!”

Said a brave Petra, you both turned to look at her. His glare went down a nudge or two. She was blushing madly and was currently hiding her face on your shirt. You wanted to face palm yourself, her doing this was not helping the matter. You frowned and looked back at Levi whom a second later turned his full attention and glare at you.

His face was still close to yours, his breath tickling your forehead. You blushed and looked away while still frowning as you felt Petra shifting over you. He dismissed your reaction as he saw that Petra was getting off the ’boy’ practically buried beneath him.  

You sighed in relief as you felt a huge weight come of you but then you felt your superior glare on you and his presence demanding your attention.  Complying to his silent order you faced him but instead of looking at him on the eye you looked at his face. You noticed as his eyebrow twitched slightly.


He said not giving her a glance.


He commanded, you shifted your gaze toward her as she was leaving the room mouthing ‘sorry’ at you, she bowed and left. You watched her leave but your face was yanked to the demanding Corporal. He had slender cold fingers on your chin to keep you from looking away.  Fear visible on your eyes. You were truly afraid of him well at least at this moment, since you could almost hear his murderous thoughts deciding which was the most horrible way to execute you. He closed his eyes and sighed in displeasure.

“What are you thinking? Having sex in plain daylight not to mention you had the door open”

He said with a straight face. Your face went red as a tomato, you wanted o laugh so hard that your stomach would hurt and wanted to burry yourself in embarrassment. You weren’t lesbian but then again… You were cross-dressing as a guy and had a girl on top of you on a very suggestive position.

He stood up and opened his eyes; which looked at you and your red face. He looked away.

“Tch, horny teenager”

He said offering you a hand. You blushed even more if possible. You averted your gaze toward the wardrobe as you lifted your arm to his awaiting hand. Once it did you were pulled up just too hard. You jumped slightly, who would have guessed that that midget had such a force.

“Brat, at least have some decency”

He said walking outside the room; you were still blushing and looking at the ground. Dam that OCD ravioli, only he could misinterpretation this kind of situations.

“Well, come with me I’ll at least teach you basic manners”

He ordered you with a tone that would make others pee their pants but little did you know he was somewhat taken aback by the scene he had walked into, and that there was a faint blush on his pale white skin. You nodded not daring to look at him, you followed him.
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I just... :iconcryforeverplz: had to write it! I'm sorry guys for leaving you like that! But I'm trying my best since I really can't write a whole lot... I'm sorry if this chap isn't as big as you thought... So sorry!!!

In the other hand Levi is going to instruct you on love making... :stare: LOLZ lets see how that goes.

Remember to vote if you want this story to have a SEMI lemon~
Yes (11) 8D perverts on the sight
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Words: 1562
Story/Idea- ~regicarbonell
SnK- If it was mine Levi would be raped a little to many times.
Nop, you are not allowed to use this idea/story in any kind of from :stare:
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